Almost four years ago, Wade from our team first showed me Alexa Meade.

Her unique style of art was incredibly inspiring – painting people and the backgrounds around them to resemble an actual portrait painting.

I became obsessed with meeting Alexa and after multiple non-responses, I found a friend of her assistant and was personally invited to “the funhouse” aka Alexa’s live work space.

Alexa was a creative genius with the curiosity of a child.

Her funhouse was what Alice in Wonderland’s world would look like in a one bedroom apartment. Behind each door was a new surprise with colors galore… One closet was a mini disco… Remove a tile on the floor and you could find bills being eaten by termites… Alexa’s artistic response to “the man”… There were patented uniquely shaped puzzle pieces which all effortlessly intertwined together – Alexa envisioned selling them as children’s toys to the masses.

While I will never forget our first encounter, our paths didn’t cross much over the next few years, but we stayed in touch. Alexa would hit me with her latest work. I would throw an idea her way. We both attended Summit Series. I really wanted her to creatively direct a music video for one of our artists and would include her work in numerous creative proposals for our artists.

Alexa always had the vision her first music video would be with a huge artist… A Lady Gaga or Madonna… So she shied away from most music video concepts. Nonetheless, I thought she could possibly be pushed into doing one of these videos if the artist was as passionate as I was.

Nobody bit… Maybe I wasn’t persistent enough… Maybe I didn’t properly convey how dope I knew it could be… Either way, when I saw Alexa’s work elegantly displayed as the cover of Ariana’s “God is a Woman” and brilliantly showcased throughout the music video, I was beyond happy for her.

It reminded me a couple critically important lessons –

  1. Law of Attraction! Never question it. –¬†While I wasn’t positive Alexa would have the opportunity for her first music video to be with one of the biggest artists in the world, her hyper specific vision came to fruition exactly as she expected it. Knowing Alexa, she probably didn’t proactively pursue this opportunity, but instead continued to do what she does best: create art others are compelled to share until her it wound up in the right person’s hands to create Ariana’s masterpiece.
  2. Trust my (your) creative instincts –¬†Groundbreaking creativity executed well is equivalent to capturing lightning in a bottle. If you happen to witness an imaginative genius at work, do whatever it takes to make sure collaboration happens! Creatingwith artists of this level is a gift which should be feverishly pursued.

Now that Alexa has completed her first music video project, she’s ready to collaborate with all types of musicians. Since her style is so cool, while Ariana was the first, I am positive she won’t be the last. The best is yet to come for Alexa Meade.


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