Yesterday was my Dad’s 60th birthday!

It’s difficult to put into words the impact both of my parents have had on shaping me into the man I am.

From the time I was a child, my mom taught me to read and do math before we learned how to do either in school… The effect of this early learning had me very bored at school… And always curious as to what’s next. With knowledge already in hand, I was armed with an eager desire to learn more and went to great lengths to pursue my own educational path I still practice today.

As both my parents’ pride hang high on the importance of education, they also taught the results of hard work and the power of gratitude. My dad had me reading books on writing sales letters by the time I was 14.

While I take great pride in what I have built to date in the world of business, I will never know what it must have been like to start a business without having a father who had dared the same feat. My grandparents were amazing people, but my father’s childhood was not handed to him. He put himself through college and law school before choosing to launch his own company.

Watching my dad work his ass off and move into bigger office buildings every three years was inspiring – It gave me the confidence I too could one day accomplish great things.

He made working long hours look easy, even though I know that’s the last thing it was. He did it for his family.

His passion was so infectious it made him one of the most reputable names in his business of selling life insurance.

As a result of his success both at home and work, I felt like I could go to him about ANYTHING. He was the first person to teach me how vulnerable open communication strengthens the bond between two people.

My dad is such an intense intellectual, it’s difficult to explain in words how he is a teacher to all. All of my friends who have met him know what I am talking about… The fact the world’s top radio station is WII FM to getting wins on your belt at an early age to the ability to have a growth mindset to maintaining a high GIDQ are all ideologies inspired by my father’s commitment to parenthood over the last almost 30 years.

Happy birthday Dad! Your life’s work includes saving thousands of families’ lives professionally by insuring them and simultaneously ensuring your own family a life where we could become anything we aspire to be.

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