Commitment is striving to achieve what you set out to achieve regardless of circumstance… Like having been in meetings all day and finally finishing at 11:30 PM at night and choosing to write anyway.

I’m grateful the last few months have been so good for the music industry. They have been a challenging, transitionary era personally for our business.

When going through hardship, it can be difficult to appreciate what I have or to find inspiration in the things which usually drive me.

Today I spent time with multiple individuals committed to their vision… Some just beginning and some who have operated successfully at the highest level for decades… But all inspiring nonetheless.

At the beginning of writing AoaM, I received mostly amazing feedback. Over time, it hasn’t all been positive – I’ve seen competitors use the fact I write against us or had industry leaders tell me I will lose clients because I choose to write to you. Only time will tell. However, at my core, I hold high the values of transparency and knowledge sharing – They breed opportunity.

Therefore, regardless of how full a day is (never busy) or whatever the circumstance, I will continue to fulfill my commitment to write – So thank you for reading this and being such a loyal community. Your desire to grow personally and make magic happen for the acts you work with is inspiring – It’s an honor to share thoughts with you every day.

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July 8, 2018 12:48 pm

We are grateful for your consistency and commitment and most of all your honesty. Honesty never fails. Ever.

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