A coupled days ago, JJ Corsini from Apple asked me,

“If there was one thing I would change about the status of the industry, streaming platforms, etc. what would it be?”

The one thing I hope changes in the months and years to come is how platforms enable artists to reach their followers with new music and updates.

Most companies are already ideating and testing multiple tools to support artists in their mission to connect with their fans and companies in their desire to better understand an artist’s audience.

For example, Spotify helped us notify NoMBe’s fans of his album – If you followed NoMBe or listened to him repeatedly on Spotify, when you went to the app, the first thing that came up when his album released was a mobile takeover to announce it – just one click away from listening to it. Apple has tested a similar push functionality, although I have yet to see it.

These advancements are important as they will enable artists to convert super fans at a higher rate. I can’t imagine many fans being disappointed either – Fans want to be notified about artists they have actively expressed interest in. This is far from a U2 situation.

If a fans likes an artist on a platform, isn’t it in the platform’s best interest to reach out to those fans with new music and other key announcements from the artist in order to provide the best consumer experience?

Strengthening connections between artists and fans seems like a natural evolution for streaming platforms, rather than leaving these interactions to other social platforms, i.e. instagram or Snap

In Spotify’s financial earnings call earlier today, Daniel Ek relayed his commitment to bring this vision for artist tools like these to fruition,

“The goal of the marketplace is to create tools for all types of artists and labels. If you just look at a label today and how labels are investing, one of the largest costs for them is to figure out how to effectively market and promote an artist. The key objective we’re pursuing is taking the data and insights that we’re generating on our platform, and creating tools that enable labels and artists to better market themselves in the marketplace.”

Platforms can even charge artists for the ability to reach their fans with these advanced tools, and they likely will. This will surely be a controversial decision when it happens, but if it helps artists reach people who have already identified as fans, then I am personally okay with it.

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