While in New York this week, I took almost 50 meetings. I always feel blessed for having such a robust NYC network of friends, colleagues, and mentors.

After these trips, I always report back to my team so they’re aware of my relationships in case there are opportunities for individuals within the network. I expect them to do the same.

The following two quotes struck me from conversations on the trip –

  1. “Everybody wants to be first to be second.” 

    It’s so true… One is a lone wolf, but two can be a party. 

    Since it can take so long for artists or companies to gain momentum, many industry leaders wait for a first mover signal before offering their investment or support.Momentum doesn’t mean a project will definitely work, but it does signify its headed in the right direction. Since it is safer for potential partners to follow than lead, always do what it takes to get the first mover on board.

    Get as many runners in scoring position as possible to give both current and potential partners a team to cheer for.

  2. “Your inbox is a to-do list made by other people.” 

    At a dinner made up of five successful people in the music industry, we all agreed on the importance of starting ours days with a self-made to-do list before tackling our inbox.I typically put this together the night before I go to bed and use it as a guiding force throughout my day. I am far more successful at completing it (or coming close) when I write it down this list by hand instead of using technology.

    This group of go-getters all shared the desire to be proactive vs. reactive, limit notifications, and find solutions to curb social media usage in order to focus on being present and intentional in their execution.

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