Last week, I wrote the first 50 ways to promote a single that came to my mind.

In just the last few days, there have been multiple tactics I did not mention in the post, which our team has executed.

For example, take Run Wild a single collaboration with NoMBe and Thutmose in advance of their EP coming out together in early August. Here are three things we worked on in the past week to elevate this song –

1. Get a social platform to incorporate your record into their campaigns AKA Snap Lens

Snap is a highly interpersonal communication tool, which lends itself perfectly to creating intimate relationships with fans as you build a community together.

Not every song can have a lens, but if you’re lucky enough to get one, the results are immense.

After EA Games used Run Wild as the theme song for their FIFA World Cup trailer, Snap decided to use the song for a Snap World Cup lens, which launched on Saturday.

The song received over 75,000 Shazams… In the first day alone!

What other single promotion can trigger Shazam like this?

Hint: It doesn’t exist.

On the back of the Snap promotion, the song climbed straight into the global Shazam chart, where it currently sits at #47!

2. Throw a party with a brand AKA Arsenic House Audio Sessions 

There’s a release party… Or a listening party… Or there’s just a party! And that’s what Arsenic made happen the other night.

The female empowered lifestyle brand hosted the first edition of their concert series – Arsenic Audio Sessions – at their beautiful house featuring performances from NoMBe and Thutmose. Arsenic’s clients, Stillhouse Whiskey and The Palm Rosè, hosted bars.

Arsenic has 1.2MM followers on instagram (and more channels for their various sub divisions). The company has a built out network of models and creatives across the country and utilize their house in LA to host events and create community. They were able to get dozens of digital influencers in attendance to capture and share the party live to their pages.

In today’s digital world, there are dozens of modern media brands effectively creating content as they develop loyal audiences.

Communities like Arsenic have grown to trust the curation for how they discover anything, including music.

Whether you’re developing an artist or looking for a way to give a fresh perspective to an established artist, you can create a co-branded event to mingle your audiences and provide a great experience for both sets of fans.

There is an incredible opportunity at these events to shoot video content to extend the life of the event.

Branded content has become an increasingly powerful way for emerging and established editorial companies to create revenue. The brands pay for the content and corresponding paid media in exchange for providing an often times small check and meaningful exposure to an artist.

One of my favorite examples of this is UPROXX’s Uncharted and Backstage series sponsored by Honda.

3. Incorporate a cause AKA SamJam 

Many of us aspire to find ways to create more impact through what we do in music… So DO IT!

This weekend, NoMBe, Thutmose and more of our artists participated in SamJam giving them the chance to showcase to the LA westside crowd, while simultaneously giving back to Inner City Arts by doing these performances at cost.

There are many emerging festivals centered around impact. Our artists genuinely care about these types of events and enjoy participating.

Whether it’s donating a portion of the proceeds of the single or aligning it with a campaign to saves lives as Logic did with 1-800-273-8255, there is always a way to incorporate philanthropy, and your act will be better off for doing so.

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