There may records that play on the radio which are not hits… But there are notĀ hits not on the radio.

I’m not talking subjectively, but objectively… Not whether you think the song sounds like a hit or could have been a hit, but whether it is a top-of-the-charts multi-platinum global hit record.

In honor of Thutmose’s “Say It to My Face” debuting earlier this week, our head of A&R Dan Helfrich and I were discussing the prolific career of its producer, Tricky Stewart.

Dan was explaining Tricky’s theory on radio and referred to a podcast he just did with Spotify. About halfway through, Tricky says the below:

“I need the records man… I need the ones that play on the radio… I know that shit sounds like old and all that… But I’m telling you… The best records truly play on the radio… And when your shit ain’t on the radio, you don’t have one.”

It couldn’t be more true. All songs that become ubiquitous records across the globe garner significant radio airplay.

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