Since I’ve already found the love of my life (who is currently at her bachelorette party), I will never have to use a dating app! But anybody can appreciate the brilliant marketing campaign from OkCupid.

It launched in January so I’m late, but it’s all over the New York subways and worth sharing if you haven’t seen it:

One time at a music festival, a marketing person from a record label saw YOLO on back of a hat and asked me what it meant… So in case there are readers who may not understand the above, DTF has previously stood for “down to f*ck”.

Notice how the brand logo is secondary to the larger than life messaging, which says everything that needs to be said to convey the company’s mission to help two strangers find true love.

While I thought OkCupid was irrelevant, I’ve spent time with two couples in the past week who met through the platform so this campaign must be resonating.

It’s the perfect example of how re-positioning through relevant and shareable branding can reignite a brand or even a recording artist.

If it’s impossible not to talk about, you’re probably headed in the right direction.

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