This year hasn’t gone exactly how I intended it to in business.

Despite any obstacles, I have never lost sight of the vision my team and I have: to create together with the most talented artists in the world in a way that inspires others across the globe to accomplish their dreams too.

“A setback is a time to sit back to reinvent yourself for your come back.”

-Margo Majdi

The woman marrying Rachel and I this September told me this… How powerful.

The signs have been all around on me… Most notably at the beginning of Behind the Cloud, the book about Salesforce – The author, founder Marc Benioff’s first “play” was “Allow Yourself Time to Recharge”.

Originally, I thought I would take a sabbatical… And then it became a mini-sabbatical… But my European friends made fun of me for referring to what became a 10 day trip as a sabbatical. So I guess it’s not a sabbatical, but a vacation by myself, and it starts August 4th!

In order to be great in the music business, I believe you have to be ALL IN. I’ve been all in for seven years (ten if you include my time as an artist) and don’t plan to stop anytime soon… So this seems like the right time to take a moment to myself and I’m doing it.

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