Over the last year since becoming the self-proclaimed loser of the Voice (she came in second), Lauren Duski has been writing song after song after song… Until one day, we got sent this one.

“What if I could remove all my flaws and not be sorry? I’m over this whole Costume Party.”

We knew right away it was special.

TIME called Costume Party their top song to listen to this week!

I truly believe it could be one of the most important records of the year.

Lauren is our company’s first country artist. During the the last year and a half of her development, our head of A&R and her manager went to Nashville dozens of times.

We love the scene and have been blessed to make so many friends in a city which shares many of the midwest qualities I was raised on growing up in Chicago. I look forward to continuing to learn from Nashville’s industry leaders as Lauren continues to release music and makes her mark on country music in the months and years to come.

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