Marvel was found in 1939. Spider-Man first appeared in 1962. After initially bubbling within the comic book community, Spider-Man become a mainstream phenomenon on the back of support from newspapers, TV, and movie studios.

Lil Miquela launched her instagram page in 2016. While she became an immediate press darling, she hasn’t needed the support of the aforementioned distribution channels to build her following of over 1.3MM followers. However, that doesn’t mean her “founders” and their company Brud doesn’t have their eyes set on global domination for their instagram star and her “friends”.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Lil Miquela is an avatar created by Trevor “Skeet” McFedries, a former manager (Banks) and Spotify employee, and Sara Decou. Miquela has all of the idiosyncrasies of any other 19 year old girl… Except she’s not real… But what does real mean anyway?

As I was walking up to the EA Play event a month ago to watch NoMBe and Thutmose open for Migos, I noticed Miquela on a GIANT clothing billboard opposite the Palladium for a brand by the name of Outdoor Voices. Woah!

While I found Miquela interesting when I first discovered her almost two years ago, seeing a virtual celebrity get a sponsorship had me intrigued at a new level and I began to dive deeper onto Lil Miquela’s page.

The dramatic storyline going on between Miquela, her other avatar friends (Blawko – 110K and Bermuda – 83K on the gram respectively), and even Trevor and Sara, is quite entertaining.

Similar to Japanese hologram sensation Hatsune Miku, Lil Miquela is not a real person, despite original controversy over whether she was or not. Unlike Hatsune, she exhibits humanlike emotions and supports legitimate causes, ranging from Black Lives Matter to donating washer and dryer sets to the Downtown Women’s Center.

She put out her first song last year, which has over 1.5MM streams on Spoify… And will surely release more music in the near future.

TIME named Liquela Miquela one of their top 25 most influential people on the internet. She, Brud, and their burgeoning avatar community have the chance to make a larger than life impact. According to TechCrunch, the company has already raised $6MM. With the founder’s vision to become the modern marvel (currently valued at $4B), their virtual world is definitely a space to watch.


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