Over the past few months, I find myself consistently scrolling through social media FOR NO REASON!!!

Apps like Moment I have previously written about are geared to measure iPhone usage, but require a daily screenshot of the battery usage, which can be a pain in the…

Last week in New York, Matt Medved was showing me something on his phone when I noticed it was completely black/white! I questioned Matt and learned it is a strategy he uses to stay focused.

With a gray phone, instagram, snap, and facebook are not as interesting to look at… When you go to use your phone, the lack of color reminds you to get back to your truest intention.


With three simple clicks of the right button on iPhone X (or home button on previous editions) and a similarly easy solution for Android, your phone can go from being in color to grayscale and back!

When you do want to explore social media, you can consciously choose to turn back on the colors and do so.

Matt takes it one step further by making his lock screen this FOCUS image. I’m changing mine now as one more reminder to be present and not allow phone addiction to cloud my day and you can too!

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