In today’s world, almost everyone’s email is available. As managers, our emails are highly accessible (often times right on our artists’ social pages).

Therefore, your email address is likely to be thrown on various mailings you did not sign up for. Even when I started this daily newsletter, I put 300 of my closest friends or people I respect in the industry on it.

I use the Unroll.Me once every six months to unsubscribe from various mailings which don’t provide value to my life – The free tool lists out every mailing list you’re subscribed you and gives you the option to easily remove yourself.

As of today, I had 720 subscriptions?! I’m sure I haven’t signed up for half of them.

Many of these mailings only get sent out a few times a year, but they do still take up space – I like to keep my inbox focused on items I engage with and this tool does the trick.

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