A few years ago, my sister had a dream to launch a food truck. She channeled her inner GIDQ, raised $20,000 via Kickstarter and was on her way.

I have written before (linked above) on the intensities of operating a food truck – It’s insane!

To Sami, the truck became part of her image. Even if it only made a modest income, she would have been happy with it.

However, all the time spent managing her employees, preparing food for large amounts of people, finding consistent places for her truck to go on the weekdays and lucrative events for it to be at on the weekend were not showing the fruits of their labor (pun intended).

When Sami launched the truck, she was Ludacris’ personal chef. During the first year her truck was in business, she picked up DeMarcus Cousins and 2Chainz as clients as well. Recently, she started cooking for the founder of Med Men and his family.

Sami had to make a difficult decision – Whether or not to keep her truck, whose losses were being subsidized by the growing profits from her personal cooking business.

Few entrepreneurs have the courage to make the difficult decisions which can lead to their breakout success.

Earlier this week, Sami shut down her truck to focus on her private cooking business. I have no doubt she will one day open a similar venture to the truck with great success or launch a staple food product.

Entrepreneurs can fall into a habit of giving our attention to areas which are struggling. When one division of a company is successful and another is failing, it takes courage to cut one’s losses short – Instead of putting our attention on what’s not working focus on what is working.

I know she was scared what people would think if she “gave up” but the reactions to her no longer continuing the food truck prove quite the opposite. I am very proud of my sister for making the difficult choice.

I know she believes her heart and soul were on that truck, but they’re still with her.

Not everything we do is going to work… But as long as we remember our heart and soul are always with us and put them into everything we do, over time, we can’t be stopped!


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