Flashback Friday:

Four years ago, I produced a DIY twelve episode video series (kind of like podcasts), which interviewed 20something rising leaders in music, ranging from The Chainsmokers to Justin Lubliner (Darkroom founder who signed Billie Eilish), from Milana Rabkin (CEO of Stem) to Nick Jarjour (Manager of Starrah, Alex Da Kid, and Cirkut), and many more!

The goal of the series was to show young people interested in music how these young executives got their start and create opportunities for themselves.

When my first act, Krewella, broke up and sued each other, Deadmau5 proceeded to take a screenshot of my face from one of these episodes and put it up on his twitter with the words, “I can’t”.

Less than year later, my sister decided to throw a roast for my birthday. I showed up wearing a JQ initialed “Hugh Hefner” style robe created for one of my music videos from when I was an artist as my closest friends and colleagues proceeded to ridicule my intense working style, bizarre sense of fashion, and overall enthusiasm for life.

Rachel was in the audience that night (her friend wanted to come. Rachel didn’t like me.) and wondered to herself, who in their right mind a) has a roast for themselves? and b) why is there 150 people here to see it?

I believe Krewella was out of town for this event, but they still wanted to participate.

Jahan and Yasmine know me better than anybody.

Yesterday, we were in a meeting and I stepped out to take a call with their lawyer. I believe it was my brisk pace back and forth across the balcony which led them to reminisce and pull up this video they made for THE ROAST. We hadn’t seen it in years. While we never released it publicly, if you know me well, and are interested in a laugh on this Friday, then you’re in for a treat.

I preface by saying, I have never snorted anything in my life and no longer do I put butter in my coffee. In fact, the last two years, I am completely caffeine free and stick to Rachel’s morning drink.

Here is the video and the password is jq. I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep this up as it’s pretty ridiculous, but if you get a chance to check it out, enjoy!

P.S. Jeremy from my office recommended you see a visual of the robe, so here it is for your entertainment:

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