Everybody knows it’s coming… Because everybody is talking about.

Even the name is so simple.

It evokes exactly what is anticipated – an album that is out of this world!

It even connects to his roots (since Travis’ hometown team is the Astros).

The heads started popping up.

First at Amoeba, then outside of the Astros stadium, and even outside of Magic City.

The cover art was revealed. It perfectly matches the head activation. And there is even controversy around that… As a transgender model was supposedly removed from the artist’s version.

After releasing this teaser, he dropped his 28 piece merch collection (which has been teased profusely) and is headlining Lollapalooza the eve of the album drop… Perfect timing.

Ever since Beyonce’s surprise drop back in 2013, artists have been following in her footsteps – dropping singles and full length projects with little to no marketing plan.

Many superstar artists thought the surprise drop was more newsworthy.

And maybe it was… For a minute. Literally.

Because huge artists utilized this strategy, many smaller artists no longer thought marketing was cool.

And why spend the budget before the product is out? After all, there is so much time to market after a release.

Here’s why: Because it creates HYPE!!!

An artist not as big as Travis may not be able to successfully put their own head outside of landmark locations.

And even if they did, who would talk about it? Smaller artists have to be extremely creative and resourceful to create buzz around their campaigns – you don’t need the whole world talking about it for it to be a success.

If the fans are talking, you’re headed in the right direction.

Astroworld is a reminder the fans want a story…

As much as the fans crave the music and the art (a la the steak), they need the chips and salsa too!

Travis hasn’t released a song since May… And he hasn’t had to. We’re primed and ready for it now.


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