Their name!!!

It’s rainy season here in Mexico. It has been sunny everyday, but since people think it “might” rain, it’s 1/2 the normal price with  five to six staff waiting on my every move as there are literally only 15 people staying in the entire 80 room adults only resort.

Since their only mission on the job is to serve the few who are here, all the staff are beyond accommodating and generous. Because it’s an all inclusive resort, it’s not a tipping establishment. It doesn’t mean you can’t tip, just that it’s not expected at every turn.

Everybody is equally as nice… But who do I want to tip (and already did!)?

The one person who remembered my name the first time he heard it and every time he sees me continues to refer to me as “Jake” instead of “sir”.

I feel more connected to him, even though I’ve had significantly deeper conversations with other staff members.

Our names possess immense power over us. When we choose to call others by their names, we harness that power, and in turn, may find it easier to earn their respect and build a relationship.

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