When I saw my friend JY Park was opening a 10 story building with multiple recording studios, dance studios, and even an organic restaurant to continue to grow his K-Pop empire, I knew I had to come check it out.

The company has been in business for over 20 years, beginning with JY’s own recording success.

There are three major internationally recognized K-Pop companies, SM, YG, and JYP – All three trade on the Korean public stock market. Earlier this year, JYP passed YG to become the second largest.

Coincidentally, while I am in town, yesterday JYP passed SM to have the largest market cap in the world. So immense congratulations to him and his team on this massive accomplishment!

It’s been an honor to witness how they operate the last couple days –┬áTheir attention to detail is profound. It’s a different model than the way the rest of the world A&R’s and markets music.

Instead of placing small and medium sized bets on a slew of artists, JYP Entertainment commits fully to the development of all the people in their sphere, ranging from the trainees to the employees themselves. Then, they go big on a group of people who share the same values and are ready to reach their full potential.

Hi from me and the Stray Kids! They’re next up!


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