Books are so meaningful.

The ability to tap into another human’s knowledge in such depth is the greatest gift.

Books share with us how things once were so we can learn from history, how things are now so we can make the best decisions in the present, and even give us the tools to navigate forward into the future.

I have been reading like crazy and plan to continue to devour books on my trip.

In the last three months, I started and finished Behind the Cloud, Essentialism, The Big Payback, The Song Machine, How to Get Married, The Courage to Be Disliked, Purple Cow, Breathe to Air, and have began a few others, such as The Essential Drucker, Real Artists Don’t Starve, Between the World and Me, and the Power of Unfair Advantage. I also finally finished Principles!

As far as retention, I corner pages I aspire to go back to. Despite cornering for years, only recently have I started to review the corners for reference information or to implement the changes into my life. I’m sure there is a better way, but this works for me.

I am well on my way to achieving my goal for the year of reading 26 books. In fact, at this rate, I may sail right past it, depending on how much reviewing I choose to do.

There is nothing better than a book when it comes to learning. However, I recognize everybody has different learning styles.

Since making time to read is a larger commitment than listening to a book (which I do sometimes while I workout), I believe some people claim to learn better via audio because it’s easier. Audiobooks are not as impactful for me, even though it’s the same information.

While I do read certain news sources (mainly through newsletters), I am less and less interested in reading articles, unless they come from recommendations or are pertinent to a project I’m currently working on. I find it difficult to retain the bite size information, which can result in wasted time.

If reading books is not paramount to your life or you’ve always struggled to finish them, I encourage you to read one to start… And then, one a month.

Even if you miss two months, that’s still ten books a year! It’s amazing the joy and accomplishments knowledge can attract into your life.

As far as deciding what to read, I subscribe to Ryan Holiday’s philosophy: anytime I see a book that interests me, I just purchase it. I was on the Kindle for a few years, but am back to the real thing. Not sure if I’ll ever make the jump again.

As always, all book recommendations are welcome! 

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