Today, I’m traveling to Korea for the first time.

The population of Korea is just over 50MM compared to California, which is just shy of 40MM, the US just over 325MM, and China approaching 1.5B.

Despite it’s small population, Korea has evolved from being the hub of entertainment and media in Asia to becoming a leading creative export center of the world!

This past week, the K-Pop phenoms BTS broke Taylor Swift’s record of video views in the first 24 hours.

Idol racked up 56MM views in its first day live compared to Swift’s previous record of 43MM.

K-Pop fans are the most passionate in the world.

Voices echo on the internet and these fans have the loudest screams. They’re known for going as far as to hack IP addresses to rig US streaming charts in their favorite band’s favor.

Korea has been creating standout entertainment properties for years. The democratization of the internet is enabling their sensational work to reach every corner of the globe. Fascinating times ahead for the global music industry!

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