Forewarning: This post will save you money.

Yesterday, our sites were hacked by the Russians – Both TH3RD BRAIN and Art of a Manager. It doesn’t affect this email list at all, just the site itself.

I woke up to a potential subscriber letting me know he was having an issue entering his email on the site and kept getting a bizarre screen, which was clearly not our website. And he was right.

I let our loyal and dedicated satellite IT guy, Greg Fargo, know of the issue and he immediately got on the phone with GoDaddy to figure it out.

He called me 30 minutes later letting me know it may take a day or two for him to get the site back to normal, but in the meantime, we needed to purchase security and back-up from GoDaddy for both of our sites. “Wonderful,” I thought, especially after hearing the $350 price tag.

As he asked for my credit card, he mentioned a Google Chrome extension by the name of Honey he has been using to save money on all sorts of online purchases.

Supposedly, it searched through all possible discount codes online and automatically adds the best ones right as you’re checking out. He claimed if you’re on a site where the Honey extension has found a discount, it will automatically start blinking.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I thought sarcastically.  “I’ll check it out later.”

Well, two seconds later, after Greg clicked the Honey button, the $350 price tag was now under $250. I joined Honey right away, and you should too!

“It’s basically just free money” -Time Magazine

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