This post is not about managing multiple email addresses, but instead multiple inboxes for the same email address.

Some of you may be saying, “HUH?!”

Here’s how multiple inboxes works: Within your primary inbox, think of having mini inboxes, which are triggered depending on the importance of who the email is from or any other filter you choose to set, such as whether you gave it a certain label).

Gmail allows you to have up to four additional inboxes to your primary inbox.

My top mini-inbox is set-up for emails received from our artists, their parents, and highly influential executives.

The second one is for emails received from our team, artists’ teams, and partners.

The third one is for demos / songs I need to listen to.

The fourth one is for emails with ancillary information not pertaining to my clients I would like to review at some point (i.e. a longer newsletter or an article or podcast a friend sent).

Below the four mini inboxes is everything else, my primary inbox.

All emails originally go to the primary inbox. The most important ones also show in the first or second inbox depending on who they are from so I can tackle those first.

To get emails into the third or fourth, if I don’t have time to listen to the demo or read the article as I open it, I quickly star the email appropriately and then archive it – This way these emails do not continue to take up space in my primary inbox, but are still easily accessible in the future.

Since I set these mini-inboxes to only view the first five emails at a time, these inboxes never take up too much space on the screen.

If you prefer, you can put these mini inboxes to the right of your main inbox. My brain processes information top down so I prefer them above my main inbox.

When I’m on my computer, I easily can scan the first two inboxes to respond to those most important before diving into everything else.

I don’t need a “waiting for” inbox because I use the all mighty Snooze functionality frequently for this effect. In my opinion, the snooze button remains the most important tool in email history and am still shocked at how many people do not use it. I have this functionality set-up on both desktop (via MixMax) and mobile via Inbox by Gmail.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to have multiple inboxes on my phone so the above solution is desktop only. I do know one founder using Outlook who had a programmer code the multiple inbox set-up on both his phone and desktop with the normal Apple Mailbox.

If you have any suggestions on how to set multiple inboxes up on mobile (using an app that still has snoozing functionality), I’m all ears.



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