Creative businesses are often the last to implement systems, but the few that have, such as Pixar, have thrived!

As you know from previous Tool Tuesday’s, I am a total nerd when it comes to growth hacks to increase productivity. Many of these various technologies work in silo of each other, but it would be ideal if they work together.

For example, let’s say you need to track accountability on a dashboard (or sheet) for a critical process at your company which takes place daily on Slack.

Manual measurement is a pain… Enter: Zapier.

Zapier allows your favorite apps to communicate with each other to easily transfer information from one to the other.

For example: If you want to a Slack update about a meeting to update in a CRM contact in Hubspot, Zapier bridges the gap.

Or vis-versa, if there is an update made to a spreadsheet (Google Sheets or AirTable), Zapier can automatically take the update made in the sheet and turn it into a Slack update so the team is brought up to speed in real time. How’s that for trackable organization as you work toward a common goal?

Or let’s say a team member is responsible for sending a weekly email. You can program Zapier to recognize the specific subject line of that email to count as the task completed and automatically track it.

Zapier is an amazing integrated technology with many capabilities to increase team communication and effectiveness.

Many of the tools I write about require a personal commitment to make a change and mainly impact solo productivity. In addition to their set-up process, they also require a certain dedication to the new technology to get comfortable with it and make its use habitual.

Making any change can be difficult. These tools can be challenging enough to get yourself to adopt, meanwhile an entire team.

However, Zapier doesn’t require much, if any, buy-in from the team other than for them to keep doing what they’re doing in excellence – it just automates the transfer or tracking of information so you don’t have to.

In their own words, Zapier says, “Connect your apps and automate workflows.” Pretty cool stuff from a nerd!

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