In my opinion, Amber Horsburgh is one of the best strategic creative marketers in the music business.

One of my favorite campaigns she did was having one of her bands utilize the lag from opening facebook live windows to create a song and a truly viral story in the process.

Amber previously directed strategy at Downtown Records, but quit in February to travel an entire year all across the globe. However, even while traveling, she has kept busy.

Back in May, Amber launched the Deep Cutter Music Marketing awards honoring 52 of the most innovative campaigns of 2017 across brand partnerships, merch, touring, video & art direction. You can check out and get inspired by all of the nominated campaigns here. Per its name, the campaigns are not cookie cutter.

In her mission to continue to spread great marketing ideas, Amber wrote one of her most important posts year – A to Z of Artist Brand Building, which covers several of the world’s most popular case studies of the past year.¬†

If you’re searching for inspiration for how to differentiate your artist in the marketplace, Amber’s article is the perfect place to start.

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