It’s less than one week until my wedding, which is the perfect time to reflect on how I got here in the first place.

I’m 29 years old and didn’t think I would be getting married this young, but when you know, you know… And with Rachel, I know. So how did it happen?

Well, Rachel and I both did an amazing transformational training course (separately from one another, although, arguably her respect for me inspired her registration).

In that course, there were several amazing concepts capable of inspiring transformation, but I’m going to share just one of them with you today… The one I believe brought Rachel and I together and can support you in accomplishing any dream you may have.

Most people dream of having so they can do in order to be.

For example, someone may want to have a relationship so they can act securely (do) in order to be free from loneliness.

In order to get what you really want in life, you get to switch this line of thinking completely on its head.

You need to be comfortable with who you are, and that may include being alone, so you can act securely (do) and then you will be ready to have a relationship.

In fact, as you think about your vision for your relationship, you can even get more specific as I did. In fact, I was challenged by this course to write two full pages of what I want in a woman.

The law of attraction works in mysterious ways, and meeting Rachel six months later was no exception. She was everything on the list and more. It wasn’t until I was first aware of what I wanted and knew who I had to be to attract the woman of my dreams that I was capable of acting in a fashion (do) which attracted her.

The Be. Do. Have. theory applies to business too. You may want to have a million dollars or get recognized in a list honoring the experts of your industry.

But in order to have these things, you must first be the leader worthy of them and act accordingly (do) with the values necessary to achieve their attraction.

Since we as humans practice mimetic desire, we typically naturally only look to others in order to decide what we aspire to achieve.

It’s not bad to be inspired by others. However, instead of focusing our desire from the wrong side of the stick, such as what we see others have on instagram, we can be our values and exchange ideas in accordance with them (do).

First, decide who you want to be

Next, act in accordance with this idea of your best self (do).

It is only once you have conquered these two your energy will be open to have your dream become a reality.

If you have a friend out there who is looking for love or struggling to achieve their professional dreams, please feel free to pass on this story to inspire them in their journey.

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