Last night, my new friend Lucas talked about his evolution from working at Google to being a recording artist to heading up music initiatives at a start-up like BRAT (if you’re unfamiliar, they’re recreating TV for teens on YouTube with $40MM in backing).

The defining moment came when Lucas was in the studio with another EDM producer.

Lucas could tell how much the other guy LOVED making music.

At one point, the producer asked Lucas,

“If the dream of fame and money in music didn’t exist, would you still want to be a DJ? If you weren’t going to be as big as the Chainsmokers, would you still go home everyday and produce?”

At that point, Lucas realized the answer to those questions was no.

Shortly thereafter, he decided to end his short lived career, which led him to pivot his career to his new position at Brat.

However, the story lives on and is applicable to anyone.

Life is too short to follow notoriety and financial rewards.

You are going to be at your best when you are doing something you truly love.

Building anything great takes time – You don’t have to love what you’re doing in every moment for your current path to be the right fit for you.

However, it can be valuable to audit life every once in awhile as Lucas’ producer friend helped him do – Without all the perks of what you do or aspire to do, would you still choose the same path forward?



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