Gallant made his television debut last night on one of the hottest shows on TV, HBO’s Insecure. The timing was perfect on the back of his recent releases.

It’s a manager’s responsibility to understand their artist’s aspirations, learn the potential for these aspirations and bring them to fruition across each section of the artist’s business.

Gallant has desired to act and do voiceovers since we started working with him. Since there are a lot of recording artists who aspire to secure this type of work, it can be very competitive.

While managers can always pursue opportunities directly, they need to also maximize the networks of their external team.

Working with external team members is a two way street: it’s important partners are proactive in their own right, but it’s also critical as managers to keep them in the loop on important updates and the type of opportunities desired from them.

We and Gallant conveyed his vision to his agents at Paradigm and put the word out to our network for potential acting opportunities as well. Gallant was consistently put forward for auditions and even made his voiceover debut on his favorite cartoon, We Bare Bears, last year.

The Insecure role required no audition. The casting team knew they wanted him… The night before that is.

As an artist, you have to be ready for last minute opportunities that may come your way… Opportunities that may be outside of your comfort zone.

Gallant has never been one to shy away from these types of moments. He embraces them. His first acting gig was no exception.

Last night, we all watched the Coachella-themed episode together with his Warner Bros team and some of his fans at an AirBNB.

On behalf of Gallant, our team is extremely grateful to Paradigm for being able to secure such a timely and relevant opportunity.

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