When Summit chose to purchase Powder Mountain (the biggest skiable area mountain in North America), I asked my best friend Jon Stein who heads up community for the company, “Isn’t that stressful?”

He said, “Yeah, of course. But Elliott (the founder, who was in his mid twenties at the time) says ‘no matter what you do, there will be stress. So you might as well go big!'”

The connotation was stress is not necessarily correlated with the size of your dream.

Stress doesn’t always increase relative to the impact of what you do… In fact, arguably the most successful music manager of all-time told me he thinks it’s more stressful to manage developing artists than superstars.

In some cases, the more successful you become, the more stress you can have. But regardless of what you’re working on, stress is just stress. And sometimes, it’s not more or less… Just different.

For example, when you’re a struggling entrepreneur, your stress may be about your own future. As you become more successful, your stress might be about how to take care of your staff and provide a pipeline for their prosperity.

At some point, stress is simply a mindset… Similar to a switch… It’s either on or it’s off.

Is Elon Musk anymore or less stressed than the average worker? Maybe… But maybe not. It depends on his mindset and the mindset of the average worker too.

If you understand this philosophy, then you can control your mindset to difficult situations. From there, you can dream as big as you want and act on those dreams with everything you have to give… After all, life won’t get anymore stressful than it already is… Assuming you believe that 🙂

When I asked Elliott to confirm the quote he gave Jon several years ago, he referenced how in some ways it can be better to have a huge vision because it’s easier to find great people who want to contribute to a bigger mission.

“You have to think anyway, so why not think big… You have to be working on something anyway so why not work on something epic?”

-Elliott Bisnow, founder of Summit

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