There is nothing like a first impression.

There are certain things beyond control when you meet somebody.

However, it is in your control to be present – to connect and take a step forward to formalize your relationship by exchanging contact information.

It sounds simple! But there are so many times I have met an artist or executive and didn’t grab their information, but then a week, month, or year later I wish I could reach out to them without having to source their contact from somebody else.

In my experience, almost every time you ask how you can stay in touch, the other person will give you their phone number and or email. In fact, there are times I have been afraid to ask for fear of rejection and it has been offered to me – a reminder others crave to connect as much as we do.

From there, it’s up to you to initiate the relationship and provide value. But the real lesson is: Always grab the contact information!

Introductions are meant to be given and received freely as long as the giver knows there is mutual benefit for both parties – If you’re not sure, you can always ask first. I’m a believer in Tim Sanders’ philosophy that “your network is your net worth” as he preaches in his book Love is the Killer App.

“I live to create value in peoples’ lives and I measure myself by their reactions. I’m a love merchant. I trade in intangibles.” -Tim Sanders

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