It’s amazing how two countries could be torn a part by politics and religion, yet brought together through entertainment.

That’s exactly what the Coke Studio series (yes, like the drink Coca Cola) has done – It’s filmed in Pakistan, yet watched passionately across India.

Since the beginning of managing Jahan and Yasmine of Krewella, the dream of one day performing in Pakistan has been very important to them. Their mom is German Lithuanian and their father is Pakistani – they identify profoundly with their roots on their mission to connect east and west.

As the pioneer they are, the sisters became the first Americans to perform on the Coke Studio show by singing a beautiful rendition of their single, “Runaway”. You can watch it below.

Soft drink sales will continue to diminish in the years to come, but regardless of my feelings about the product, it’s amazing when a brand chooses to create authentic cultural moments of creative collaboration.

Any brand campaign which lasts 10+ seasons is doing something right.

Jahan and Yasmine were the first artists to ever believe in me as a manager – They recognized the skill in me before I even knew it in myself so it makes me smile to see one of their dreams come true through this monumental performance in their father Sohail’s homeland!

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