I wrote earlier this week about Gallant getting his first opportunity to act via Insecure.

Today is a similar story.

When we signed Emmit Fenn to our record label, he had deep aspirations to compose for TV, movies, etc.

When deciding between agencies to represent him, it was a priority for us to understand how the agency planned to secure crossover opportunities, such as those in the scoring world for a developing artist.

WME understood this vision from the beginning and has been incredibly supportive of Emmit’s scoring dream. Almost one year ago, they secured his first scoring gig, a facebook TV show by the name of Five Points, where he learned under the mentorship of Mary Ramos’, Quentin Tarantino’s long time music supervisor.

Today, the second step of Emmit’s scoring journey was taken in collaboration with the reveal of the new iPhone! Emmit had the opportunity to reproduce his previously released soundcloud track Euthanasia, later renamed Meteorite, as the score to today’s presentation of the new iPhone at the Apple Keynote address.

Emmit is one of the most talented young songwriters and producers in the world.¬†From producing Billie Eilish’s “Bitches Broken Hearts” to working with Ry X and Vic Mensa, he’s well on his way to achieving his dream.</div class=”narrow-blog”>

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