The too often overlooked rule #1 of music marketing is to engage the fans. Superserve them!

One of the best ways is to include them directly in your official content.

Imagine being a Lauren Duski (3B artist) fan and seeing yourself on CMT on TV in your living room or being in the top featured video of YouTube’s Country Hotlist.

It helps when you have fans like the Stauffer family, but there are ways to replicate this strategy at any level!

Another way is to give the fans the content first (or at least a look at it) as Childish Gambino did yesterday by granting two exclusive track downloads to fans who purchased his tour tickets.

We are often sending fans links to previews of content through texts before they come out.

Regardless if an artist is striving to get their first 1000 fans or has hits and is focused on making more of them, they and their teams sometimes lose sight of the immense viral power the fans have because it’s less tangible than a playlist add or blog premiere.

In the process of attempting to achieve reach, this valuable relationship between artists and fans is not always prioritized, but it should be.

Media used to control the conversation, but now the fans do.

Breakout acts like Billie Eilish and her team have been capturing this energy for two years and it’s propeling her to the top.

The fans’ listening, sharing, and purchasing power creates careers for the artists.

As an artist, there is nothing more important than strengthening the connection with the eyeballs that care and pulling them deeper into your world.

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