As the music marketplace 2.0 continues to maturate, I am becoming more and more interested in tools to create unforgettable moments for fans.

Manager and friend Nick Sadler sent me over Bonjoro.

Through the service, artists can send personalized videos to fans after they make a purchase (think tickets or merch) or share a song. It’s a pretty cool way to acknowledge a fan and definitely will be shared with others.

It does remove some of the mystique of an artist (depending on their brand), but it does strengthen the element of connection.

If an artist wants, they can have the Bonjoro app on their phone and receive notifications when a fan spends a certain amount in their merch store to send them a quick video.

While the app could be cool for a superstar, I think texting (both one-on-one, by city, and to all fans) is more scalable. However, for a developing artist this is a great feature to build super fans.

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