I finally converted.

I’m done managing articles out of my inbox.

Tom Windish has been telling me he’s on this tip for years – He throws things he wants to read aside and then schedules time in his schedule to read them on the weekend.

I’m in.

I mean… There’s certain things I will still want to read during the week right when they come in, but when it comes to articles of interest, I am pocketing them for later.

Now, I can separate time tackling my inbox and reading articles, which were conflicting before. These two activities sometimes require different mindsets depending on the mood I’m in.

Thanks to Ike Adler for the poke to finally make the move to Pocket.

This weekend, I was able to read a bunch of the articles I stored in my pocket over the week. The best of which was by far James Clear’s Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds.

If you’re looking for the best way to store future articles for both online and offline use, then Get Pocket. It’s a little widget at the top of your browser toolbar, right where Honey and the Great Suspender are, and if you’re on the site, you can just click the button. Or you can even forward links to add@getpocket.com

The hard part is not saving the articles – It’s making time to read them. But I rarely watch TV and I love what I do so much… As you know from my reading routine, information is everything to me. So I’m done storing articles inĀ one of my multiple inboxes – They are officially going in my pocket.

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