Right when you think there couldn’t be another tool to save you precious time, there it is…

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help myself from having a dozen tabs open at a time. I’ll open an article I want to read later or have a listening link up or spreadsheets where I’m tracking progress on a project or viewing my network.

When our team member Aaron Hoffman was leading our A&R meeting last week, he pulled up his browser on the TV and he too had lots of tabs open… But they weren’t taking up any of his computer’s RAM aka its energy because they were “suspended” – They were present on his screen, but not “live”.

I immediately knew how much my computer would love this so I downloaded the Chrome plug-in – The Great Suspender. I set it up so now my tabs are suspended if they’re not opened in a reasonable amount of time. When I click on one of them, it refreshes automatically.

I don’t know if this is magic for humans, but it’s definitely magic for nerds like me.

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