One of my favorite parts of what I do is watching others succeed and realize their dreams.

A couple days ago, Billboard released their 40under40 list – Congratulations to all the honorees!

There are a few people who made this year’s list where it’s truly been an honor witnessing their vision and hard work translate into substantial career growth for their artists and themselves.

These people may not know how much I’ve learned from watching them and the work they do for their artists so I am recognizing them here.

Rosa Asciolla was the first person I ever met at Spotify. At the time, she was responding to ANY inquiry an artist made to the platform. Now she deservingly runs Artist and Label Marketing. Spotify could have hired from the outside for this position, but they didn’t because Rosa is a rockstar. It’s impossible to not recognize the vast commitment she’s made for the company.

Jamil Davis is one of the most unique personalities in our business. His energy is infectious. As a result, his relationships are second to none, which enables him to bring ideas for his artists to life. Jamil makes big moves bigger.

Steve Gordon – The Marshmello project is one of a kind, but Steve has always had immense entrepreneurial passion so it’s no surprise he’s been able to steer Mello’s touring career, sign Kaskade, and sell his company. It’s very tough to be independent, especially as an agent, but Steve and and his partner Kevin Gimble wear their hearts on their sleeve and have always found ways to keep growing their business.

Adam Mersel will do anything for his artists. I’ve seen it so many times. Bebe Rexha had written and been featured on multiple hits, but Adam’s vision catapulted everything into another gear. His A&R sensibility is sensational for putting together massive collaborative hits with Bebe alongside G-Eazy and Florida Georgia Line.

Scott Nagelberg has led Panic at the Disco! from the emo band movement to being a truly career act. Their credibility and consistent growth is a result of Scott’s unrelenting attention to detail and close relationship with his artists. He’s a wealth of knowledge and any act would be lucky to have him as their manager.

Jonathan Strauss saw a gap in the marketplace and took it. From collecting YouTube royalties for dance acts and unofficially released rap mixtapes to representing major labels in this department and signing 6ix9ine to a publishing deal. Jonathan understands how to build business by continuing to expand his company’s blueprint through a unique combination of technology and capital allocation.

Jaime Zeluck – To think she almost died while giving birth and now is successfully raising her daughter, building a flourishing writer/producer management company, and supporting her husband’s career is mind boggling… But Jaime has always had it in her. Her writers will continue to influence the direction of pop music for a long time.

Last year, I had the honor of being recognized on Billboard’s 40under40 list. It was amazing to create a dinner with many of the other honorees before the Grammys in NY to discuss the future of the industry and what we can do to build it together.

I hope somebody from this year’s list will take charge in doing the same… It takes time to get a hold of everybody, but it’s worth it… Jamil “Big Juice” Davis is always up for a party so I hereby pass the torch to him to get it popping.

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