Most of the posts I write are not edited by others.

It would be too tedious, and furthermore, this blog is my voice. Nobody else’s.

Nonetheless, some of my favorite posts to write are the few I bounce off my own team members or industry experts for their perspective or additional ideas before they are published. Or the ones where I unexpectedly get lots of ideas through feedback from you, my peers.

I’m sure it’s a similar feeling to when artists get in the studio with their favorite producer or when a random fan tweets triggers a song idea.

It’s incredible the difference and impact others can make on the creation of our work.

It is through others’ suggestions, we learn to widen our own perspective and in the process adopt new skills and ways of thinking.

Writing is an exercise in fleshing out my own ideas, but the revision process creates the most impactful pieces. This is applicable to more than writing – It applies to any idea or project we have.

While it can be great at times to work solo, there is nothing more powerful than when our collective experiences and unique styles create together.

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