Ever since reading Joe Vitale’s the Attractor Factor in high school, I could quantify the magic happening in my life. It usually stemmed from a deep rooted vision.

The general principle of we become what we think about is the foundation behind the law of attraction philosophy.

In Michael Jackson Inc.: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a Billion-Dollar Empire, Zack O’Malley Greenburg explains how “the secret” of Michael Jackson’s unparalleled success of an entertainer may be a direct result of his prodigious vision as much as his unique God given talent and relentless desire for perfection.

Here are four short examples of Michael putting the law of attraction to work as he became the most valuable entertainer of all time –

1/ Since his early days, he’d spoken of making albums that transcended skin color; his stated goal was “uniting people of all races through music.” He did it.

2/ “Ever since I was a little boy, I had dreamed of creating the biggest-selling record of all time. I remember going swimming as a child and making [that] wish before I jumped into the pool.” He did that too.

3/ In Michael’s prime, he laid the framework for the future hip-hop moguls by launching clothing and shoe lines amidst numerous other business and licensing ventures.However, his most profitable long-term career endeavor was his decision to start investing in songwriting copyrights, most specifically his purchase of the ATV catalog for $47.5MM in 1985.

It was later merged in the mid 90’s for $115MM and a 50% stake in the then newly formed Sony/ATV venture. For reference, in 2016, Jackson’s side was sold for a whopping $750MM!Michael first got the idea of buying copyrights from Paul McCartney. Coincidentally, the ATV acquisition contained several of Paul’s Beatles songs. It was one of several catalog purchases Jackson made over the years, but it was the most important of his life.

Once again, Michael’s burning desire and profound vision were at work – Jackson’s long-time advisor Karen Langford reminisced to O Malley Greenburg, “He wanted to be the number one publisher in the world. It would come up in a lot of different ways, but [his goal] was always number one, getting to that number one spot. Being the biggest, being the best.”Michael Jackson is the king of #1’s. After MJ’s death and Sony/ATV acquisition of EMI Publishing, the company went on to become the top publisher in the world.

4/ Michael read lots of books. He notoriously gave PT Barnum’s biography to various advisors in order to concoct buzzworthy marketing stunts together.In fact, he was the one in search of a nickname before being donned the King of Pop.

He was also the one who made it stick – He only made his MTV award show appearance to accept his lifetime achievement award under the pretense during the broadcast and forever in the future he would only be referred to by the moniker on the station.

And that’s how we remember him today.

Not everybody who has dreams of this nature will achieve them, but I have never found an example of anybody who achieved at this level who did not have dreams of this magnitude in the first place.

Next time you’re envisioning who you want to become and what you want from the world, think of how Michael would have formulated the seed in his brain and made decisions to pursue his mission fully and completely.

A burning desire is essential in order to attract greatness into your life.

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