When dealing with people, always remember the industry (and the world for that matter) is a merry-go-round.

You will come back across the person you are dealing with today, even if you think you won’t.

Each conversation, deal, campaign, etc. is an opportunity to create memorable experiences and moments for and with the people you work with.

Slight them at your own peril… If you do, it will likely cost you significantly more in the future when your paths cross again. Plus, it’s way more fun to do business with friends.

Executives at high levels at most major companies typically switch around roles and or companies every three to seven years like musical chairs. This happens for a variety of different reasons, but what does this musical chairs process mean for you?

If you’re having an amazing experience with an executive, be grateful for it. Remember it may come to an end – a change of that magnitude will likely be outside of your control so there is no need to give much thought to it, unless you’re signing an artist to a company because of a specific executive whose deal is actually up in a year or two. Then, it may be worth thinking about.

Executives will usually do what they need to do to advance their career regardless of how much they love an artist they’re currently working with.

Conversely, if you have a conflict with an individual who poses a consistent road block for you in getting things accomplished for your artist, the good news is it probably won’t last forever. They’ll probably move on sooner or later by choice or force.┬áThose who create conflict never stick around forever.

The industry is always playing musical chairs. Your awareness of it may enable you and your artists to be less impacted and emotional when it does happen.

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