Rachel planned to make the following joke before she read her vows: she had to be careful what she said as it would end up on Art of a Manager the next day. 😉

While I won’t share hers, that doesn’t mean I can’t share mine.

Here’s a story about how I knew I wasn’t going to get cold feet.

Earlier this year I was up working until 3 AM (what else is new?) on a trip we took with my parents to Aspen, Colorado and my feet weren’t just cold… They were freezing.

I snuggled into bed and selfishly put them – two ice cubes – against your warm legs… Waking you up. “Jake! What are you doing putting your cold feet against me? I was sound asleep!” you exclaimed. Right at the moment I thought I had really upset you, which would have been completely understandable, you asked if I would like you to warm them up. That’s who you are Rachel. You have the biggest heart.

We’ve been very transparent with the world about the work we did on ourselves as individuals to be ready for each other. So it’s no coincidence I slept last night 15 minutes from where we got married today at the hotel I had originally come to detox from the world and work on myself. In fact, I took a picture of a book on the glass window in front of the garden, which led to the conversation which became our second date. That night we saw our house for the first time, but I knew your heart would be my home.

In typical Rachel and Jake fashion, it only makes sense we met on a mountain called Eden because you are all the proof I need God exists.

It is also once again no coincidence we fell in love on a boat, as my love for you is as endless and everlasting and always flowing as the water in the ocean.

Rachel, you are brilliant. You are beautiful. You are loyal. You are extraordinary.

I promise to always go to the moon and back with you. Wherever you and our future family is, I’ll be there.

We haven’t gotten the real photos back yet, but I won’t send anymore of them here, so feel free to follow me on instagram if you don’t already. I’ll share more there.

And yes, for the few of you counting at home, I did miss my post on Saturday. The wifi was spotty in the venue and I was present in the moment – The first day I missed this year. My vow to you is to not miss another day this year 😉 

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