Similar to how time is an illusion, so is race.

We all have a distinct skin color, but the way skin color is perceived depends on what part of the world you reside.

In Thailand, there are billboards throughout Bangkok advertising skin whitening solutions, whereas in the US, it’s considered a luxury to have a tan.

What does it all mean?

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a gifted Jamaican artist named Keznamdi.

His perspective on race is one of the most profound I have ever heard. But in order to explain it, I first need to share a photo of him:

Image result for keznamdi

Kez said the following:

In Jamaica, where I am from, they think I’m brown.

In Africa, they think I’m white.

And in America, they think I’m black.

Race is an illusion.

He says he won’t stop singing until people view the color of each other’s skin with the same amount of importance they do eye color.

What a bold mission. Keep singing Kez!

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