Earlier this week, our artist Thutmose’s debut project “Man on Fire”¬†was released.

It’s been incredible to grow with Thut this last year and a half… His experience growing up in Nigeria is so different than mine growing up in America, but the hate crime disasters which unfortunately took place this weekend are proof every country struggles with prejudice.

Pressure is Thut’s story of coming to America.

What does it mean to have a gun put to your head in your mother’s womb before birth? Or to move to a foreign country at age 9 and have a SWAT team immediately rush in and put a gun to your father?

We all have our own story… But our deepest fears and secrets often remain inside, even if it’s more powerful to share them. Thut’s vulnerability on this record is why it’s my personal favorite off his debut.

Erykah Badu was also kind enough to lend her voice recording to the song, which adds a little magic to it.

Thut’s debut headlining show takes place tomorrow night in Brooklyn at Baby’s All Right. If you would like to come see him, please shoot me a note and I will do my best to add you to my list.

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