As the Tao Te Ching explains, life must go up and down… Otherwise, what would “up” be if there was nothing to compare it to?

Since unfortunate times are inevitable, our life is often not defined by our obstacles, but how we choose to grow alongside them… Which is why I find so much enjoyment in the perspective, humor, and lessons shared by my friend Assia Grazioli on her journey through breast cancer she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar below.

Could you imagine explaining to your friends on social media why you’re choosing to get a matching set of new boobs?

Or being the first woman on a European soccer board and finding yourself compelled to touch your chest mid board meeting? Me neither.

I rarely share articles here, but there is so much brilliance within these two pages I felt compelled to do so.

P.S. My title above is the official hashtag of the piece 🙂




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