As many of you know, Jason Flom, the founder of Lava Records (home to Lorde and Greta Van Fleet) is one of the leading voices in our country on fighting the injustices of our criminal justice system. He is a founder of the Innocence Project and hosts a podcast named Wrongful Conviction.

Today, Jason told me a story about a man named John Huffington.

After being wrongly convicted of two murders in 1981 and sentenced to a double life sentence, the rulings were overturned in favor of a new trial, where John was found guilty again… He served 32 years before overwhelming evidence led to his freedom, despite having to still make an Alford plea instead of risking yet another trial against the same prosecutor.

When hanging out with Mr. Flom, another man asked Mr. Huffington if he was bitter about the system and the 32 years he served.

Do you want to know his response?

“No… In a car, there is a reason the windshield is much bigger than the rearview mirror.”

We can’t change the past, so why hold its emotion?

Instead, we can spend our energy in the present on the future road ahead, just like our friend the monk.


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