It’s for certain we only have so much of it.

Other than that, time is an illusion – a man made device to control our lives.

We as humans rise and fall each day just like the sun and the moon – we were made to sleep for reasons being figured out by science every day.  Even certain flowers, such as a tulip, close up at night, not from the light from the sun, but from their circadian rhythm. When you put tulips in a box, they still close at night. They have an internal clock.

When I speak of time being an illusion, I am not talking about the internal clock set by nature.

I am speaking about the external clock made by man – The clock we carry on our phone or wrist to tell time, the calendar where we schedule out each hour, or the 9 to 5 schedule society imposes on us as the way.

Similar to currency, time is believed to be real by all, so it is universally accepted without much thought.

But the only absolute of time is its limited quantity and for the most part never knowing when it will run out. Everything else is mere illusion.

Use time when it empowers or organizes you and dismiss it when it holds you back.

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