I first heard about Entertainment Intelligence (EI) through my friends at Monstercat.

In their own words, EI is “changing the way the music industry collects, views and utilizes data.”

The company is the most sophisticated data aggregator for independent music labels – They have clients ranging from Concord Music to mtheory to Domino to Mom + Pop to Stones Throw.

EI collects data from all DSP’s daily and allows labels to view their catalog in a far more dynamic way than the backend analytics currently offered by the streaming services themselves.

The platform enables playlist addition alerts for adds above a certain number of followers and for streaming spikes on specific tracks. It also has a view into skip rate – You can see what % of an audience is listening to a track for only the first 60 seconds vs. all the way through.

You can even add campaign milestones (such as a TV appearance or advertising spend) to a track’s graph to connect trends back to marketing endeavors.

EI has more capabilities than most small labels will need and is constantly researching and adding more solutions to its robust product.

As streaming continues to become more competitive, a comprehensive data strategy will be imperative to recognizing trends and breaking records.

The majors have built, bought or licensed their own propriety technologies… And the indies have EI.

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