Three months ago, I turned them off!!!

It started with slack notifications, and then, when I was in Mexico for my “very mini” sabbatical, I decided to turn off the email notifications too… And I never turned them back on.

So what’s happened since?

I’ve learned emails are almost never as urgent as the present moment.

I’m not responding as quickly to them as I have my entire career… But I’m acting with more intention in every other area. I will strike a balance over time.

I’m not plagued¬†as often by the fight-or-flight response which kicks into gear each and every time we get a notification – This energy is responsible for draining our creative muscle, creating unnecessary stress, and getting in the way of us achieving our higher purpose… Often times without us even realizing it’s happening.

I’m focused on my to-do list before the to-do list made up by others (also known as the inbox).

I’m more likely to pick up the phone to call instead of email. Many subtleties of communication are significantly more difficult to perceive and address on email. Without getting pinged hundreds of times a day from incoming emails, I’ve been able to conserve this energy to create connection.

I’m happier and less reliant on technology. I don’t feel the need to check my phone every five minutes.

I’m thinking more… Reading more… And coming up with more systems to manage communication instead of allowing emails to be an effective means of execution for internal processes that can be handled in more effective ways.

So if you’re tired of your email notifications, consider turning them off.

Don’t worry! You will still get all your emails and can check your inbox on your time.

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