Yesterday, at a Russian bath house in New York, instead of just jumping in and out of the cold plunge as I usually would, I experimented with how long I could stay in for.

To stay in the water for the longest duration possible, the mind must evolve from “defeating” the water (masculine energy) to “being one” with the water (feminine energy) to eventually disconnecting the mind from the body altogether (if you’re interested in how this works, check out Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman).

There is a certain level of peace and presence in the ability to balance your energy levels.

Recently, Jahan and Yasmine from Krewella had acknowledged my vulnerability and continued growth as a listener – In summarizing their words, they felt I was tapped into “the feminine” and therefore, they felt heard. The previous night, my wife complimented me for the same traits, but in her words, she said I was becoming more of a man.

Can practicing feminine energy actually make a person appear more of a man?

Is our perception of what it means to be a man warped by stereotypes?

Instead of forcing our way through every situation, is it possible that listening to the outer world and receiving is essential to become truly empowered?

“When your attention, and therefore your energy, is divided between outer-world objects – people, problems, and issues – there’s no energy left for you to put on your inner world of thoughts and feelings. So there’s no energy left for you to create something new.” -Dr. Joe Dispenza

General perceived manliness evolves in the same way women’s body types portrayed in the media constantly change (I refuse to call them ideal as Buzzfeed did).

If we as men care about the mission of our counterparts to establish the balance our world craves and create equal opportunity, we need to start questioning what it actually means to be “man enough”.

As men and women, we must intentionally create and grow our identity as opposed to relying on the one we may have grown accustomed to… The one pushed on us by culture, our families, etc.

When you think of the most manly jobs what comes to mind?

I’m sure firefighters is one of them.

Alex Banayan was kind enough to remind me today: firefighters don’t run into the fire – they walk in order to keep their masculine fight or flight survival mode in check. This way they can perceive all their surroundings and become the heroes who saves the day.

If firefighting heroes need both energies, so do you. We all do.

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