Are you looking at the opportunities beyond what’s being asked of you, but may be available to you?

This is the question Entrepreneur Editor in Chief Jason Feifer poses to the next generation of go getters.

When he was hired at Fast Company as an editor, his only job was to edit articles.

The company was starting a video department. Nobody asked him to join, but he decided to get involved in it anyway.

Video was nowhere near what it is today, but it was growing, and Jason felt being a part of the video creation process and learning how to perform on camera would be important skill sets in the future.

If he wasn’t proactive in this regard, he would likely still be editing articles at Fast Company.

But when Entrepreneur Magazine was looking for a seasoned editor who had an eye for the future, they turned to Jason in part because of his vast experience with video.

In Jason’s view, you always have to be working your next job. The skills you develop today will be with you for the rest of your life. If you’re not growing, when change inevitably happens, you will be in a vulnerable position.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee on the clock or an entrepreneur who created your current job. You have the ability, right now, even if you aren’t aware of it, to prepare for whatever comes next. -Jason Feifer

A year ago, Jason started a podcast. Once again, nobody asked him to start. In fact, running a podcast is not part of his job description at all. It’s also a ton of work.

But Jason recognizes the importance of continuing to grow by proactively seeking new opportunities, exciting projects and valuable skill sets.

Do you?

How are you setting yourself up today for the next phase of your career?

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