The bigger an artist gets, the more their engagement goes down.

Are there any global superstars with consistently more than 5% engagement over a multi-year span?

As the years go by and as an artist evolves, some fans will move on, regardless how many new ones are acquired.

It’s easy for fans to feel at home amidst a small fan base. As the fan base grows, their individual representation may feel less meaningful… Like the way some devalue their vote in our country.

Lower engagement as an artists grows is also a result of the constantly changing algorithms of social media platforms.

As the artist grows on socials and their engagement goes down, they also are usually making more money than they ever have before. During this time, their team is focused on bringing their vision to fruition at the highest level. While they are so focused on content, touring, and business development strategies, there is a massive often untapped opportunity to prioritize data strategy.

It’s easier, more meaningful, and more profitable to grow a relationship with an already existing fan than to create a new one. It’s up to artists and their teams to create unique touch points to capture meaningful data (locations, phone numbers, emails, etc.). Artist email lists seem to be hovering around a 20% open rate, whereas texts are almost a shocking 100%.

Artists are obsessed with the gamification elements of social media – competing against similar artists to have more followers or higher engagement. You will not find a single artist who doesn’t want more likes.

But the problem is social media is not the most effective way for artists to control the communication pipeline with their fans to ensure they can reach them whenever they want, however they want, with whatever they want when their social engagement starts going down, which it inevitably will.

Social media doesn’t let you own your data.

There is a new wave coming and it’s time artists and their teams started to think about what it really means to “own your future“.

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